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Edo Innovates Tech Conference 2023 Group

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Please let us look out for these benefits as we plan on Attending the Edo technology conference 2023.

1. Participants can expect to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in technology in the globe.

2. Meet new people and network with tech professionals and experts in Nigeria.

3. Discover new business opportunities using technology as a tool for earning.

4. Learn about government initiatives and policies regard tech advancement in Edo State.

5. Gaining access to resources and support for technology-related projects both for MSME and the Government.

6. And gain inspiration and motivation to drive innovation and growth in all respective fields as individuals, corporate and government bodies.

TG Agbaje
Saka Ibrahim


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  • Date and time is TBD | 'Edo Tech Conference 2024'

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